Wednesday, 3 December 2008 I understand why the postman wears board shorts

..I almost choked on my soymilk hot chocolate today when I opened up today's NZ Herald and read something spookily related to my eariler post about the Truman Syndrome.  The article entitled "Welcome to the land that's all about making movies"  refers to a new Atlas where NZ is described as being "one giant film set" and a "place where nothing is as it seems".

 The North Island apparently houses film studios, aircraft hanger special effects sets and crew trailers, and the South Island is a holding area and parking lot for equipment trucks. Am I on to a giant conspiracy? Is the greatest secret of them all finally being revealed?  See what you think at  
The original source of this amazing revelation is called Our Dumb World,  and the publication The Onion is one of the funniest spoof news sites around, kind of an online newspaper version of The Daily Show.  Take a look here:

and just before I move off this topic and take my paranoia medication for the day has listed the following as the 'fastest rising searches':
Fastest rising searches of 2008
1. olympics
2. facebook
3. youtube
4. lotto
5. wiki
6. seek
7. miniclip
8. asb
9. tvnz
10. large hadron collider
11. heath ledger
12. obama
13. gossip girl
14. jonas brothers
15. miley cyrus
16. euro 2008
17. mathletics 

Is there anybody else who thinks item number 10 is extremely disturbing??
To capture the zietgist of the moment see:  its actually a great tool...

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tee said...

Ahh, I love the Onion!

About the large hadron collider searches... How is it any more disturbing than say, the Olympics? Both were big events that took place in 2008, isn't it only natural that people were curious about it?