Saturday, 29 November 2008

the greatest reality show on earth

Today I came across a large cluster of articles describing 'Truman Syndrome', a delusion where sufferers believe themselves to be a conscripted participant in a giant reality show. 

Understanding the way that we construct and relate to reality is crucial to solving some of the biggest issues on the planet and articles like this may indicate the weak signals on the horizon of bigger shifts.  

Is it that people are having existential awakenings to the social construction of life...or are they unstable, or both? Big transformational shifts happen most often at the point of greatest confusion and disruption. Perhaps, in a very strange way, we are seeing signals of awareness that has always been recorded in the esoteric scriptures of every major religion. The awareness that reality is an illusion. Before loosing you completely by talking about the work of Foucault on the construction of madness it is probably best for you to to take a look for yourself at  or google Truman Syndrome for other articles.

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