Wednesday, 10 September 2008

not sustainable

Recently I attended a talk by Michael Braungart, one of the authors of Cradle to Cradle.

He presented a compelling challenge to the traditional view of sustainability..particularly in relation to its role in design and technology. In trying to be "less bad" we are making a hash of things effectively and creating more problems than solving them. It would be more effective to design products that can be "perpetually circulated in closed loops", with life cycles that last cradle to cradle. Braungart had some interesting things to say about fear based cultures, and the need to change these to cultures fed by connection and openness (love). He, and his partner, William McDonoughs are having some success with designers and manufacturers who are wanting be more cost effective, equitable and ecologically sound in their design, production, marketing and distribution processes.

This was a nice lecture to attend after seeing the movie Earth earlier in the day. A documentary with some of the most amazing camera work I have ever witnessed. Who knew that Mandarin ducks nested in trees? I would say though that I am done with seeing any more nature movies that feature polar bears in dire circumstances!

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Carl said...

Hi Maggie,

Here is the great interview with Michael Braungart with Kim Hill on National Radio:

His video presentation to 300 CEOs in Auckland will be available in the next couple of days.