Wednesday, 10 September 2008

forensic investigations of awhiworld

At 13:25 pm (GMT +12) yesterday a specialist in the forensic investigation of portals, and other anomalous activity visited a certain primary school . Raewyn Turner came straight from her lab to assist children in their continued investigation of Awhiworld, the parallel reality to which this term's curriculum is dedicated to reactivating.

Raewyn presented material from her numerous investigations including evidence of strange signs, wild writings and unnatural occurances.

Children were then divided into small groups to carry out detailed analysis of their school grounds using specialized forensic analysis kits. As the children explored the grounds a number of strange items of interest, and places of significance emerged. Children were encouraged to increase their awareness of their surroundings, and to work in groups to ensure no area was left uninvestigated.

Items that were found included numerous hidden portals, and even some rare portal glass found by a little girl who discovered a vary rare talent for finding extra small and interesting items.

Children will be writing about their finds in class in the coming days. Other classes are studying 'gatekeepers' and the qualities and values that are needed for this important role. In particular they are looking at gatekeepers in their community who are important for the protection of awhiworld. Smaller children are discussing important aspects of the Patupairehe (sky or fairie people from Maori mythology), and putting these onto story boards...will the very oldest children are learning about the environment in a global sense.

Awhiworld activities will continue to the end of term.

PS: the substitute teacher was a little disturbed by Raewyn's talk as he had not realised that such investigators existed, or that portals were so prevalent in the school grounds. He was a great sport in the end:-)

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