Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Radio 101 Interview

Had a great Place Stories Matariki Radio interview 29 June 2015 with  Radio NZ's Music 101 Show and Emma Smith.

We walked the town and showed off the talent of our wonderful artists....

 Place Stories Matariki weaves together the sounds of seven different community artists and groups from the Papakura area. Each audio track is located in a Papakura space or place that needs cherishing in some way.

The audio is accessed via an app downloaded onto a GPS enabled smart device, and heard via your own headphones. This  'locative mobile technology' allows you to be immersed in a number of different realities as you walk around the town.

Waiata, spoken word, samples and synthesised tracks, and sound effects, are all part of the town-wide installation. Different genres and cultures come together to celebrate the town's diversity, and the wairua of the town at Matariki, a time when the boundaries between worlds are at their thinnest.

Place stories is  available from the Google Play Store and iTunes

Participating artists:
Curator and Producer: Maggie Buxton
App Development and Visual Design: Kim Newall
Funding is kindly provided by

Additional supporters include the Audio Foundation (who have two artists participating), Papakura Art Gallery, Papakura Business Association, Auckland City Council and Papakura Local Board
Imersia Group who are kindly providing the technology to support the experience.

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