Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The Reemergence of AwhiWorld

AwhiWorld is back!

AwhiWorld an innovative arts, education, social and economic development project that aims to open minds, shift perspective, and generate opportunities for people (particularly young people) to creatively connect to the places where they live.

AwhiWorld is a world that sits beyond our world. From time to time it generates portals from which
magical creatures, fantastical people, odd artefacts, and amazing technologies spring forth to reveal the wonder just beyond our eyes. AwhiWorld demonstrates that the places we live in are alive with knowledge, beauty and fun.

AwhiWorld first emerged in 2008. At that time, police, artists, horticulturalists, interdimensional investigators and other individual all appeared through portals to help children in a South Auckland school see the world that existed beyond their world. You can read more about these activities here.
Six years later, AwhiWorld has grown into a large scale multi-event concept aimed at generating learning, innovation, connection and perspective shift in and around the places (digital and physical) where we live, work and play.

Our world faces tricky problems that require complex, cross-boundary solutions. AwhiWorld teaches us new ways to relate to each other and the world around us through playing in the spaces between.

In 2015 AwhiWorld is generating a series of place-based projects. AwhiWorld can be found on Twitter @awhiworld, Instagram and Facebook. From to time I will update this blog on AwhiWorld adventures.

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