Thursday, 21 March 2013

Mobile Investigations

I have been using some of my new mobile devices to gather material for an exhibition occurring in June this year. The exhibition, entitled 'Place' is about revealing the hidden aspects of a location through the portal of a mobile phone, and the displaced context of a gallery. Through simultaneous presentation in a formal 'white' gallery space and on site using a geo-locative mobile application, the concept of 'place', and sense of a 'place' is explored. I will talk more about the ideas behind this exhibition, and some of the contributing groups and individuals in another post, but for now I want to provide some follow up to an earlier post about the devices I am trying out i.e. the Keeploop Microscope Attachment and the Easy Macro Lens. In quick summary, the results have been generally very good.

In regards to the Keeploop, of course, you will not get lab quality images from a 'snap on' mobile microscope however, for work outside a lab, in the field, you can get some pretty decent pictures that explore what can't easily be seen by the naked eye. Definitely worth the investment. Below images are (in order) Eucalyptus Leaf; Gum and Tree Moss.

The Easy Macro does not compete with a normal SLR Macro Lens - but again is fun to use on your phone. Below are a tiny lawn daisy and some tree lichen

The Slingshot Grip arrived and I have been using that a lot as an adapter to allow my camera to sit on a normal tripod - that means timelapse is possible on your mobile.  It also makes filming video a lot easier. Have just ordered a hyrdophone which I think will provide the best way of capturing material at my location...will provide a small sample in a future post.
I think it is interesting to think about all the hidden realities that exist in our day to day lives - those that are not accessible within the limits of our senses. It feels as if we are working on 1% of the information available and expanding this to be our world.....

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