Thursday, 3 February 2011

Virtual Walking Tours for iPhone Adventurers

Ever wanted to tour a city but not get on a  bus to do it? Or wanted to discover the hidden secrets of a destination rather than be guided through the main tourist traps? GPSmycity seems to have found an answer with their city walk iPhone app. 

All you do is download the application (for a small fee) and it will guide you around your city of choice. A virtual tour guide designed for your pace and your interests.

The idea started when the organisation’s founder, Jim Zhu, an avid collector of 15th-19th century maps, became frustrated when he was unable to find a guide that would steer him to antique shops where he could hunt for more treasure. As a veteran of Silicon Valley he decided to come up with a solution via iPhone apps. Apparently GPSmycity now publishes city walk iPhone apps for over 180 cities, with new destinations being added daily – most recently including Auckland and Wellington.

If any of you wish to try out this application readers is offering you (readers of this blog) the chance to win three free city walk iPhone applications. But you will have to answer the following 10 questions about Wellington first:

1. What was the name of the horse that the Duke of Wellington rode at the battle of Waterloo? a) Copenhagen; b) Paris; C) London
2. Wellington is the world's.........? a) sunniest capital b) most southern capital c) most densely populated capital
3. Wellington has the most hectic [?] ... in the South Pacific. a) Airport b) Port c) Nightlife
4.Who are the biggest contributors to New Zealand's Tourism earnings: a) the British b) the Australians c) the Americans
5. How many national anthems does New Zealand have? a) 2 b) 3 c) 4
6. New Zealand is one of the world's leading exporters of dairy products. How many kilograms of butter does New Zealand produce per capita? a) 50 b) 100 c) 200
7. Wellington has ranked [?] … in the world in a quality of living survey held by Mercury in 2009: a) 7th b) 22nd  c) 12th 
8.Wellington became the capital of New Zealand in:a) 1905 b) 1865 c) 1795
9. Name the oldest building in Wellington. It was built in 1858. a) the Colonial Cottage b) the Futuna Chapel c) the Opera House
10.One of the curious facts about Wellington is that it has more … per capita than New York. a) pubs b) shops c) cafes

Yikes! You really have to work for your apps these days! But if you answer the questions you can have fun walking around the city of your choice.  Send your responses to  and let me know who it goes......

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