Sunday, 11 October 2009

Eco Sapiens

SCANZ: 2009 was an interesting experience. So interesting, that it prompted me to join the team creating the next SCANZ event in 2011 - Eco Sapiens.

What are we facing? Extinction or adaption? Evolution or revolution?

These are some of the questions we are working with, within an interdisciplinary frame. Scientists, artists, technologists, permaculturalists, activists and others are invited to send in submissions; we are hoping to get a great group of people together.

The local botanic gardens and the shoreline of Taranaki, NZ, will be the main spaces to 'exhibit' the resulting works. It is hoped these will be longer term exhibitions that play a productive role in the local community, and support the plantet.

Take a look here for the full write up (

On another, rather incongruous, and hypocritical note, I am a huge fan of the Huntly Power Station. There is something otherworldly about it that reminds me of childhood comic books and science fiction novels. Look at its marvelous modernist lines - functionalism in its highest form. (sigh).

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