Wednesday, 1 July 2009

space, place and the nature of reality

Explore the nature of reality from indigenous and western science perspectives at the Space and Place - The Language of Spirit conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico, August this year.

This dialogue is the latest in a series started in 1992 by the late David Bohm and Leroy Little Bear JD, (former Director of Native Studies at Harvard). They originally brought together a meeting of the minds between quantum physicists, Native American scholars, and linguists to discuss the underlying principles of the Universe, not from an adversarial point of view, but out of mutual respect for the differences in world views. Since then, a core group of participants, plus occasional guests, have gotten together approximately once a year to continue the dialogue process

Audio tapes and written transcriptions of past dialogues are available, and it may very well be worth the 60 or so US dollars if the list of past participants is anything to go by.

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