Monday, 27 October 2008

expo-sing un-popular culture

Yesterday I had a disturbing regression into the darker parts of my youth for research purposes. I hereby confess to attending the pulp culture expo otherwise known as Armegaddon

I took the time to play a few video games ..from the creatively tame Spore, through to the R18 shoot em up genre which were incredibly realistic and totally horrible. I must confess that I am seriously bad at playing hand eye coordination just isnt what it used to be.

And as for games like RockBand (or something like that) which involves going onto a stage and playing musical instruments in front of crowds of highly critical peers ..............well I left that to the much braver metallica wearing mob of teenage boys in black. Unfortunately many of them were too cool to choose the 'easy' level on the game and kept opting for 'expert'. Thus leading to them crashing and burning in front of groups of jeering digital (and warm blooded) audiences.

The only really interesting exhibit was put on by Weta Studios. There I met Greg Broadmore who is building fascinating, un-genreable and unfictional artefacts and publications

His work includes Infallible Aether Oscillators, which are a line of immensely dangerous yet simple to operate wave oscillation weapons.

Meticulously built to the exacting standards and plans of Dr. Grordbort, these weapons, bespangled in fine detail and with various (most likely quite dangerous) moving parts are the perfect addition to a gentleman's study or a deterring centerpiece for a lady's powder room or chiffonier. (Or so his website tells us)

I talked to Greg about the need for conduits between the creative professions and community development work, and he agreed...and I noticed that just before I left he signed an autograph for a very young fan that told him 'school is cool' or something like that. Nice work.

Other than Weta there was some interesting Manga animation, a few C-list Stargate Atlantis stars, a couple of special effects and production design stands (Cutabove Academy) ...and then a bunch of tacky stuff not really worth entrance price.

As an expedition into a relatively strange land, an opportunity to re-embrace my inner geek, a chance to connect with really creative people and a place to kill some time before some other social events.... it was well worth attending. But if this is NZ youth sub-culture at its best I am worried!

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