Sunday, 28 September 2008

awhiworld update

Teachers at a certain school have been hard at work creatively engaging their children in the uncovery of the parallel reality known as Awhiworld.

Gatekeepers have been identified within the local community and their amazing qualities and values have been studied as part of their social studies material. Mapping of awhi territory has taken place as part of their maths curriculum, while art and english have focused on print making, and story telling aspects of their excavation and uncovery process. Last week portal activiation devices were created with secret codes embedded, and forensic analysis of anomalous items (found during expeditions around the school) has continued. While it is challenging working with an integrated curriculum, and with the imagination, some payoffs are already being noticed. Boys in particular seem to take to this kind of work quite well, as the older ones can cross reference between gaming environments and the material.

The photos below show: a print example, a portal activation device with coded message, some of the gatekeeper material, and a pair of magic shoes which can be worn by any boy or girl, at any time, to instill them with magical properties.

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