Sunday, 31 August 2008

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At 09:00 hours, Monday August 25th, 2008 young primary school children (aged 5 to 12) gathered at their regular school assembly. But something was different that day.

At 9:10 am sirens were heard throughout the neighbourhood as a police car pulled into the school. Running into the hall the police officer (in full protective riot gear) delivered a CD to the school. Apparently he had been directed to deliver this to the school by some strange other-worldly force.

The message was played, and in amongst the distortion a strange booming voice filled the hall:

“I am from the Patupaiarehe iwi of Pukekiwiriki. I have limited time to send you this message and have used the police communication network to make sure you receive it and that you know that it is IMPORTANT. You must know that you are about to begin a journey of discovery. Go back to your classroom you must listen very carefully to your teachers. I have given them some detailed information and instructions for you.”

At this the teachers rushed their respective students away to hunt for a message hidden somewhere in each of the classrooms. Some messages had been very well hidden and required some quite deep searching before they were revealed. Finally, when found, the paper messages all said the following (with younger students getting a more abbreviated version):

[Extract from Awhi Message discovered 25/08/08]

….there is a very great secret. There is a world that sits alongside yours, a world that is not easily seen. This world is called many names, for now you may call it ‘Awhi’. Entrance to this world comes through a network of portals that have existed all over your planet from ancient times. These portals act as conduits for energies from Awhi world that are critical to keeping your planet green, healthy and peaceful.

We also don’t know how Awhi, or the portals came to exist, but we do know that, throughout time special people have been appointed as Gatekeepers. These Gatekeepers hold the secrets of Awhi world, they also control access in and out of the world through the portals, and help work with the energies that flow between our worlds.

The Patupaihere’s role has been to help in this process, we visit Awhiworld regularly, and many others like it, and it is in our interests to help the Gatekeepers in their role. But we have, for various reasons we cannot disclose, been neglectful of our duty to both the Gatekeepers,the portals and Awhiworld itself.

Thanks to our neglect, and also many other factors, many of the portals have fallen into neglect or been forgotten about. Some have deliberately hidden or disguised by those Gatekeepers we are still in contact with. Because of this, your world is being destroyed. No helpful energies get can get through, ancient secrets and understandings that could help have been lost, and destructive energies and creatures from other worlds are influencing the planet in ways that they should not.

All of this destruction, if it continues, will lead to the eventual collapse of civilisation in the year 2090. But your school garden is one of the most important portals in the network. If you can find a way to link the portal at your school with the other portals in the neighbourhood you can reactivate the entire network and save the world.

You may not be able to undo what has been already done (for example to rainforests, and to the resources gone already) but you can stop further damage and prevent total destruction of our race and of the planet itself.

We have given your teachers a programme that will help you fulfil your task listen carefully. Your future and that of the entire planet is at stake. Go well children you are heroes of Earth.”

Due to the importance of this message school curriculum has been completely dedicated to Awhiworld activities until the end of this semester (and possibly the end of this year).

Portal location mapping, forensic analysis and documentation, treasure hunts, investigation of local cultural and myth, seed growing and backyard gardening, and a variety of other activities have now been set in motion. Amazingly all of these activities fulfil curriculum standards set by the Ministry of Education..they also have the beneficial side affect of regenerating the neighbourhood and catalysing some innovative community development initiatives.

If you are a creative professional and wish to assist these young heroes to save the planet you are welcome to contact me as soon as possible. No matter where you are in the world your help is needed!

AwhiWorld has emerged.

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