Sunday, 30 December 2007

international treasure hunting

Geo-Caching is a new, hybrid high tech game/sport that uses GPS technology to construct elaborate hunts in nature. Basically using clues posted on websites, participants are sent on hunts to find small caches of treasure that are hidden in all sorts of interesting places in the landscape. I discovered it in the NZ Herald can see the article for yourself on:

It is a great way for nature and technology to combine to engage people with their environments without all the expense and storying that happens with ARGs. I can see lots of different applications business and educational. Take a look.

And to finish, I hunted for treasure in a different way when I visited the Stonleigh Sculpture in the Gardens Exhibition at the Auckland Botanic Gardens. As you meander around the large site you come upon the 27 different exhibits, including the two at and on the lake you see here.

Thats it for now. 24 degrees and not a cloud in the bright blue ozone-less sky...time to go to the beach.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Maggie
Gathering youth as we discussed, as a way of breaking up the day and retaining their attention lets try this GPS hunt and get some team work going.