Monday, 3 December 2007

atheists and the subconscious in hong kong airport

Hi from Hong Kong Airport...the multi-faceted portal between East and West. You are seeing this thanks to free internet and 3 hour stopover...

Two points of interest that are worth jotting down before I forget in the blur of jet lag. One is how many books I am seeing around me that are catering for the sceptically and secularly minded. They are sitting uneasily, or perhaps shamelessly, alongside the latest from His Holiness and Deepak Chopra. Perhaps Hong Kong is more than just a political must also bridge chasms of faith?
Second, I have just this minute finished the latest issue of New Scientist (Dec 07). Inside there is a great article on the subconscious called "The Other You". Basically the arguement is that conscious and subconscious thought processes work together, each assuming more or less control depending on the situation. A nice overview is given of how we engage with different tasks...a different take on the unconscoius incomptence, conscious incomptence, conscious competence, unconscious competence matrix. Worth taking a look at the issue.

Oh thought many of you would appreciate the surreal joys I found around the airport: Tongue Cup, Santa Clause Candy Girls and the Giant Bauble Tree...

Am to plane now...12 hours so far...12 more to go!

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