Friday, 7 September 2007

musings and beginnings

One of the reasons for starting this project is that I believe that the key to finding solutions for global mess lies up another layer of consciousness. And, that one of the key ways to get there is through blurring traditional lines and boundaries, and spawning hybrids and mixes that will solve issues at another logical level. (No offense to Wilbur but lines, quadrants and levels are not very blurred!)

It also seems clear to me that true transformation comes from making what we were subject to, object. By this I mean developing the capacity to detach ourselves from our reality enough to work creatively with it.

Many of us (and I am the worst culprit of this) are very attached to the illusion we have socially constructed . It is hard to imagine radical interventions environmentally and socially, because we are so in the matrix we simply don't know what we don't know. What interests me is what happens when we distort, interrupt and disconcert our minds to enable us to understand just how much we can control and shape this so-called life. This can happen through guerilla theatre, alternate reality games, responsive environments and installations, drugs, breathwork …basically anything that blurs what we consider to be 'real' enough for us to be shaken out of complacency.

The key is not to indulge in these for their own sake (and I am guilty of this)…but to actually process the experience within transdisciplinary workshops and use the material to create solutions that will work. This is something in which [Æ’oam] specialises.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), I believe it will become more and more difficult to sustain the illusion of seperateness as we carry on into this century. The divine mother and trickster archetypes are using environmental and economic forces to forcefully collapse the boundaries between us on every level (personal, professional, ideologically, nationally etc etc). As this happens, creative integration will happen as a matter of fact rather than as an innovation. As will integration in many other ways.

Personally I would rather be starting now..than when I am scrambling to network for a cup of water!

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